Josh And Ryan


Fly by Disc Golf was founded by Josh and Ryan in 2017.  Their dream was to grow the sport of disc golf thrugh premier level events at beautiful locations.  Due to family obligations they sold the company in 2020. 


Their dream continues... 

New Owners

Scott and Melissa were on a weekend getaway in Vermont when they saw a sign for disc golf. Always on the lookout for new things to try they stopped. They were given a quick “how to” and sent out on the course. Needless to say, they returned home with a couple of discs each. They introduced it their kids and soon they had their own set of discs (all of which still enjoy playing). They found that it was a way they could all enjoy the outdoors and not break the bank (with 5 kiddos that is important). Their passion for Disc Golf has led to us wanting to help grow the sport.

They have a passion for helping people and felt we were lacking that in the jobs they had. Then they discovered Nutrishop. With the store we have been able to reach more people than they ever could have imagined. They've been able to provide a service not found anywhere else. They wanted to combine their passion for nutrition with our love for disc golf. Their goal is to help even more people improve their health and their game, as well as give back to the sport as much as it’s given to them. Their passion for the sport is contagious. Come follow their journey and help them grow the sport.

Scott and Melissa Radford 

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Scott and Melissa opened Nutrishop Fitchburg in December 2016 with the goal to help people through proper nutrition.  With their free body analysis and free meal plans, they have been able to reach and help thousands of people.  


Their passion to help people has expanded to their favorite hobby with the opening of Disc Golf 978 adjacent to their nutrition store.  Thier hope is to reach even more people and grow the sport they love. 

Two Stores, One Goal

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