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Special Events at Fly By Disc Golf
Fly By Disc Golf Is Happy To Host Your Special Event

Welcome to your special disc golf event!

Looking for a break from the normal sales meeting? Looking to add a little excitement to your corporate outing? Look no further, Fly By Disc Golf has a unique opportunity available for you! What better way to engage potential clients or provide some fun for your employees than a day of disc golf?! Disc golf is a low impact activity that anyone can participate in and have a blast playing. From someone who has never thrown a frisbee to a seasoned disc golf world champion, Fly By Disc Golf courses are fun for all! Combine that activity with the incredible areas available inside the Alnoba building and you have yourself a winning event.

The Alnoba building in Kensington NH

Below you will find information about our packaged event offerings. If your group has special needs or requests, we are happy to accommodate them; please contact us for a custom quote!

Fly By Disc Golf is currently booking events for Friday, July 21st at our Alnoba event and has several time slots available although the day is filling up. Take advantage of the incredible property and unique amenities that Alnoba has to offer and book today!


Includes up to 25 people – 3 hours
  • 1 Hour conference room time
  • .5 hour staff led group disc golf instruction
  • 1.5 hours independent disc golf course play
  • All required disc golf equipment is provided
  • Projector with screen
  • Audio video systems
  • Multiple table and chair arrangements
  • Basic refreshments provided
  • Bagged meal with assorted sandwiches


  • 25-72 attendees
  • Over 72 attendees
  • Menu upgrade to hot buffet lunch
  • Extra time in conference center
  • 18 hole course

We look forward to working with you and know that although these events are temporary we know the experiences will last a lifetime.

What is Disc Golf?

Simply put, disc golf is very similar to ball golf except instead of a golf ball, you throw a frisbee (disc) and instead of a hole, there is a basket. You try to throw your disc from the starting point into the basket in as few throws as possible. You repeat this over 18 holes, just like golf, and at the end, the person with the fewest number of throws is the winner! Overall, the sport is very low impact and can be enjoyed by all ages, skill levels, and physical fitness levels. If you can throw a frisbee, even a little bit, you can play disc golf and have a great time doing it!

Disc golf disc Disc golf is a great activity for corporate events, fundraisers, school functions, club outings and more. Disc golf can be fun and low key or it can be an intense competition! It all depends on how you want to structure your event and what your goals are from it.

Many companies like to use disc golf to boost moral, improve communication, break down department barriers, and do some team building. Other companies might want to do a tournament to spur competition between sales teams or regional branches.

- A disc golf disc is about 8-9" diameter and weighs about 6 ounces.

- A typical disc golf course is between 250-500ft per hole. An average or slightly below average player will take roughly 3 shots to make it from the starting point to the basket on each hole.

- A typical 18 hole course will take an average player about 1-2 hours to complete. The time is mostly dependent on skill level and how many people are in your group.

- Most disc golf courses have some variation in elevation throughout the holes and most have a mixture of wide open and wooded holes, some with water along the edge or running through it. A common feature of many courses is to throw a disc over a small pond off of one of the holes' starting point. This leads to many discs lost in the water!

Do you have your own property or a location already booked? Let us come to you and set up a fun 9 or 18 hole course for your event.

We can provide as much or as little as you need to create your custom day.

  • Course design, delivery, set up, and break down.
  • We supply everything you need to get your group having fun with disc golf.
  • Attendee registration/check-in
  • Instructors
  • Signage
  • Online registration capabilities
  • Custom printed discs - put your company name and logo on a disc for all attendees!
  • Team building sessions
  • Flexible course layouts for different skills, ages, and event goals.
  • Ancillary games (accuracy competition, longest drive, +more)

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