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Do you know of some great land for a disc golf course?

Recommend Land For A Disc Golf Course

If you know of a fantastic property that may be interested in having Fly By Disc Golf set up a disc golf course for a weekend, please fill out the form below!

Want to get a disc golf course set up in your area? Help us out! An ideal property would have expansive and rich land with varied terrain; from open fields to tight wooded trails. We are looking for anything that would make for an interesting and fun disc golf course. We can also assist in course design and layout for any property owners looking to keep the course permanently after we spend the weekend there.

There aren’t any specific guidelines for required land so if you know of anything that seems like it possibly fits, just let us know and we will take care of the rest. Some small plots of land could work out very well if the layout is conducive to a great course. Likewise, some huge 800+ acre plots might not work at all due to access, land owner wishes, layout, etc. There is no steadfast rule about what works and what doesn’t. Just let us know what you find and let’s try to get a disc golf course set up!


All of our events have a direct charitable cause associated with them. It helps if the land you are considering has a public access element, a conservation trust, or some other charitable association that could directly benefit from our being there. Fly By Disc Golf is more than just a temporary disc golf course. We like to be able to offer a direct benefit with our events rather than giving to a huge non-profit organization with no clear line of where the money is being spent. We would love to work out some details to fund a specific project or goal.

Recommended Areas

All of the locations have been secured for 2017. In 2018 we are looking for property for 6 events across Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.

Past Land

Some examples of land we have used successfully in the past would include Alnoba.